Run Automated Giveaways with your Email Subscribers
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SailMail automated email marketing promotions
Increase open rates, clicks and sales with SailMail automated email marketing promotions

Give back to your email subscribers with contests and giveaways. SailMail makes it easy:

Connect your MailChimp Account


Connect your MailChimp Account

Complete SailMail’s two-step setup process.


Complete SailMail’s 3-step setup process. Contests and giveaways now run automatically.

Promote your special email list offers


Promote your special email list offers, and use analytics to watch sign ups and engagement grow!

Running a contest with your email subscribers can be a pain in the butt.

Have you advertised the opportunity for new email subscribers to win prizes in exchange for signing up for your email list? Do you find it hard to fulfill this promise?

SailMail is a MailChimp plugin that makes that value-add easy, allowing you to implement automatic giveaways and random draws that will help you to improve your email sign up rates, as well as make your emails stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Subscriber giveaways
Offer gift-cards, promotion codes,...

"What's in it for me?"
-Your (Potential) Customers

Your customers don't want to sign up for another email newsletter that will send "regular updates". These kinds of emails are often boring, and will most likely be deleted when received.

SailMail can send a gift-card or discount code to one or several of your email subscribers, on a weekly or monthly interval. If gift-cards don't work, have SailMail email you with the winner's contact information, making prize fulfillment easy.

Easily track your results and create reports that demonstrate your success

SailMail is all about results, from improving your email sign up numbers, to engaging those email list members through automated offers. And our dashboard helps you see that.

SailMail Analytics helps you to track open-rates, click-throughs, and other engagement metrics, to know whether or not your offerings to your mailing list are hitting home.


SailMail is Free for the first month. After that, you only pay for the list members you engage:

  • Number of Subscribers


  • < 10,000


  • < 100,000


  • < 1,000,000


  • > 1,000,000

91% of American Internet users check their email at least once a day.

Make sure they see your email marketing, with SailMail.